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Hamlin Mascot Change

Sounds like someone at CCISD just decided it was "inappropriate."

This morning the communications staff refused to answer any questions about the change. They were totally intransigent and bureaucratically insolent.“September 29, 2017

Dear Sir:

Today I was instructed by Laura Hinojosa, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Director, to find a link on the Communication Department’s web page, which would direct me to the Legal Department, to request information under the Texas Open Meetings Act. I found no link. Therefore, I am directing my request to you as the senior administrator.

Please provide me with the following information:

All documentation and correspondence concerning the change in the mascot at Hamlin Middle School, including but not limited to:

Printed material, Letters, Emails, Text messages, Minutes of meetings, and Agendas.

This requests information not only from district files and equipment, but also the same between the district, outside parties, board members, and employees, including information sent to and received from internal and external persons’ smartphones, email accounts, personal computers, and other personal devices related to this request.

The information can be sent to me electronically at the email address below.Please provide me with the name(s) of the person(s) from whom this idea originated and documentation of the reason for the change.Please inform me of the costs associated with this request, before they are incurred.

Please give me the opportunity to come to your office to review the documents in person.

Please provide me with a copy of your records retention policy.

Please provide me with a list of any documents you may plan to delete prior to this request.

Please inform me if you intend to refer this request to the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

This request includes the Corpus Christi Education Foundation, Corpus Christi Independent School District, and any related or supporting organizations communicating with the district or district representatives concerning this request.

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