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Latest Body Modification Trend: Tongue Splitting

Body modification artists have been exposed carrying out illegal and potentially dangerous tongue splitting procedures. Patients undergo the cosmetic surgery to achieve a lizard-like forked tongue. BBC London preparing to illegally inject anesthetic into undercover reporters filmed two backstreet practitioners. The exposé also highlighted a grey area over the procedure's legality, with calls for the government to legislate. Samppa von Cyborg, from Finland, also offered his services for £500. He is one of the world's best-known body modification artists and claims to have carried out 1,000 tongue splits. He admitted: "Cutting the tongue in half and putting stitches, there definitely will be some nerve damage."

Would you be freaked out or turned on if you started kissing someone with a split tongue?

Do you think it should be legal for people to get their tongues split? Should we regulate these body modifications?

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