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Lago in the Morning October 19, 2017

Tucker Carlson: "I would love to be in the NFL. Can I sue because they haven't hired me?" what a hoot!!!

Speaking of those...over the weekend The female ISIS fighter known as the "White Shadow" was killed in a drone strike.So, as a FEMALE terrorist, can she expect 72 guys who cook and clean?A new report says adventurous sex is causing more injuries in middle-aged men. Is that when their wives catch them in the act with a not so middle-aged woman?

A California woman blasted American Airlines for refusing to let her check her curling gear as sports equipment. You know, done on ice, with brooms? Sorry, but I'm with the Airline on this one.

In my news feed, I have no idea why, is a story about making eyebrows darker can make people look younger. Although that is tough to pull off when right above your brows you have a full head of gray hair. Or a half a head of ....

Roger Goodell says he didn’t ask players to commit to standing during the National Anthem. Did he ask them to commit to no domestic violence, PEDs, drug abuse or DUIs?

Rick Pitino is suing Adidas, claiming they damaged his reputation.If he wins, the damages could total as much as...$6.00.

Morning coffee.....special blend of coffee offered at a shop in California costs $55. Apparently the blend is a combination of gall, chutzpah and greed.

And last but not least.....NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch says she was forced to move because of death threats....well, probably not from a gun...

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