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I stumbled across this tweet from Leftist author Joyce Carol Oates.She has discovered a new universe of self loathing.Joyce Carol Oates


2017 the year it became embarrassing to be "white"...especially if from a "white, rural" region of US.10:06 AM - Nov 10, 2017 ...

Don’t you “white, rural” Americans realize just how upsetting it is to Joyce that you exist?!

How dare you embarrass her!

You rural white Trump voters with your Walmart shoes, pick-up trucks and guns — can’t you see what you’re doing to her?!

I can’t imagine being so obsessed with what other people think of me that I would be “embarrassed” by others whose skin color is like my own.

White Leftists are crippled by their own self-loathing and fear.

Read the article here.

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