It’s a Good Day to Fish.

You folks in East Texas, I know you love Lake of The Pines, Caddo, The Sabine and Sam Rayburn and so do I. Cane pole fishin for brim and catfish, flopin’em in some corn meal fry’em up. Man that’s livin. However, pullin in 8 to 10 lb Red Snapper, it almost sounds like a really fishy story.. You get your boat close to an old rig, drop your bait in the water you’ll be pullin’em in as fast as you can rebait that hook. It’ll last 45 minutes or so and you move to another place. It starts all over again. Pompano, sand trout ( not one of my favorites ) flounder and kayaking around in The Laguna Madre for Redfish. The Texas Trifecta. For me it’s Snapper, Redfish and the salt water ribeye flounder I throw the trout back. Yes fishin is that good.