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Mary Juana...

A lot of people got very riled up at the announcement from the Justice Department that Jeff Sessions will no longer follow the Obama administration decision not to prosecute marijuana crimes from states that have legalized marijuana. Several politicians went grandstanding in announcing their opposition to the announcement. However, as Glenn Reynolds writes, there is a simple, constitutional option to combat Sessions' change of policy.

But if you want to leave marijuana decisions up to the states, there’s an easy way to do that: Repeal the federal marijuana law. Legislate, which is supposed to be the job of ... legislators. Like Gardner, Sanders or Lieu.

There’s even a bill in front of Congress to do just that, HR 975, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, introduced by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., in 2017. It has bipartisan sponsorship, divided roughly evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

So why are Gardner, et al. attacking Sessions instead of speaking out in favor of new legislation?

Well, for one thing, it’s easy. Passing bills is work, denouncing Sessions requires only a press release — or in this case, a few tweets.

It’s also safer.Hammer meet Nail. Anyone think Texas will move to legalize Marijuana? Right after we pass legalized, (ahem) gaming.Substitute Gaming for Gambling, see what I did there? It all goes back to political correctness....

Ever since the first time I heard the term ‘politically correct’ back in the late 1970s, I’ve noticed that it has been an effective tool of liberal brainwashing. If people with a certain agenda can get the general public to use a less offensive term for something, the easier it is get that something to become more acceptable.

Another politically correct term that is being used on a large scale by liberal progressives is ‘social justice.’ If they used the term ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism,’ I think millions of Americans would be outraged and fight against whatever it is the liberals are trying to do. So they coined the politically correct term ‘social justice’ to make it sound acceptable and something that most people would buy right into. After all, who isn’t for justice? And what is even more discouraging the young people seem to be buying it. But be warned and look closely whenever you see that term being used. It almost always refers to some sort of socialist plan or program that only tears away from America’s foundational beliefs, morals and values.

There is a whole list of politically correct terms that could be discussed here, but I only want to mention one more - ‘undocumented immigrant.’ Liberal Democrats understand that most Americans are against illegal aliens because they have broken the law by entering the country illegally. Democrats need the 11 million illegals to vote in the elections. In order to make them more acceptable to the American public, they coined the term ‘undocumented immigrants.’ Gee, that doesn’t sound nearly as bad does it? It makes them sound more acceptable and their crime less offensive.

Besides.. ‘referring to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist’. At first I laughed, but then realized the truth behind it.

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