Journalistic What, Integrity? Incivility?

Yesterday Maureen Dowd of the NYT wrote, He's an idiot-savant who plays in the roiling ocean of twitter as naturally as a blubbery necked sea lion."

NYT Editorial headline, 10 Jan. 2018."Is Mr. Trump Nuts?"NYT 12 Jan. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia, "Maybe Trump is not mentally Ill. Maybe he's just a jerk."

Last December NYT headlines, "50 Shades of Orange."

Can you imagine the reaction if someone had written a column, "Fifty Shades of Cocoa", about Obama?

Or if someone called Obama an idiot-savaNT

The NY Daily News illustrated Trump as a piece of feces.Then a Clown, a Klansman, Hitler.Still think the news industry is NOT at war with our President?Now, go to the Video below and ask yourself. What in the Hell is wrong with that?!!

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