Looking Busy So The Boss Will Think We Are Working Our Asses Off

This is the case in Florida.....There is a word in this story that should make you roll your eyes and do a face palm plant. A double. It's worthless.Tell me what the word is in the comment section.....

The Florida House has put a bill on the governor's desk, while a bipartisan move on the federal level is taking shape.

Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson of Florida have introduced new legislation that they say will prevent gun violence. Rubio, a Republican, and Nelson, a Democrat, announced a bill that would give states grant funding to establish gun violence prevention orders.

The orders would be similar to restraining orders, and would enable family members or law enforcement officials to request court orders to temporarily take guns away from at-risk individuals. Senator Rubio said he didn’t know whether the legislation would have prevented the shooting in Parkland last month, but Nelson noted that the bill is a "step in the right direction.”

Meanwhile, another bill – known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act – has been passed in the Florida House and now heads to Governor Rick Scott's desk.

The Florida measure raises the minimum age to buy guns from 18 to 21 and requires a three-day waiting period on most gun purchases. It also establishes rules for arming some people in schools, but excludes teachers from performing that duty.

Did you recognize the word?

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