International Women's Day

Several websites made a big deal of it. A California McDonald's even turned their Golden Arches upside down to make a golden W. I heard democrats spewing rhetoric, activists demanding action for equal pay, all the while surrounded by beta males nodding like dashboard bobble head dolls on a bad road.

After watching all the well dressed celebrities and elected officials, make their speeches, I decided to see how the other half lived. I'm not talking about my wife Pamela. She was at work. I wasn't far from her office building though.

I drove over to Leopard Street. I watched the prostitutes. It's some sort of tragic comedy. You see, they parade openly just across the street from......City Hall. There were a group of five hanging around the Stripes store on the corner. They walk from there either turn the corner and walk up Staples or just start walking up Leopard Street to another corner store about a mile and a half away. Some of them just keep walking all the way out to the funny looking building that Bart Brazelton's father built. They turn around and start the walk back. Every once in a while a vehicle pulls up and the negotiation begins.

Selling yourself to a stranger, never sure of what could happen, being beaten by johns and pimps, life expectancy has to be short. There is a misconception that prostitution is a victimless crime. While it may be the world's oldest profession, there is nothing new about how it destroys lives. Drug addiction and a brutality that often leads to beatings.....or murder. Theirs.

The grief I felt was palpable. It happens every time I see them, wondering what happened to them... that made them believe this life was all they had left.

I prayed for them all the way home.

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