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Did You See It?

Did OJ Simpson actually confess to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

For Americans in the 90's, it was first real ”trial of the century.” Still recovering from the Rodney King beating, and the Los Angeles Riots, the country split in two over the non-guilty verdict handed down for OJ Simpson, who had been accused of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1994.

And while the debate has raged on since his 1995 acquittal, last night we all got a look at the man, and a bizarre "hypothetical confession." For anyone who already believed him guilty, they got everything they wanted - but for those who have believed him innocent or are unsure - last night's broadcast has left everyone with plenty to talk about.

The video was done in 2006 - around the time of a planned book release. The book and the special were initially shelved, but now with the blessing of the victims' families, the interview was served up with a panel including Chris Darden, who assisted in trying the case, a family friend of Nicole's, and Judith Regan - who originally conducted the interview.If you didn't see it, here's a rundown of what happened; what I think I saw and heard.

OJ recalled when he and Nicole first met to interviewer Judith Regan. He claims he’d decided to break things off with his ex-wife, Marguerite Whitley, the night before he met then-18-year-old Nicole and became interested. He was introduced to her and “courted” her for the next seven years until they married.

While OJ bristled about 'made up' stories of his abuse of Nicole, it's been documented...he never really owned that - said his biggest problem was that he "loved her too much." He also admitted at the time of the murders that he "loved her, but didn't like her so much."

As for that fateful June night, OJ “hypothetically” recalls what happened the night Nicole and Ron were killed...putting the blame on someone named 'Charlie' (though he never does explain who that is) and it's during that section, things get very weird as he flips back and forth from third person to first person saying he took the knife from Charlie and then blacked out. When he "coming to" and seeing a lot of blood.

OJ goes on to recount in startling detail about what happened, the types of injuries suffered and more. When Darden was asked by host Soledad O'Brien" about what he believes he'd just heard, he replied, "I think we just heard him admit to murder."

Remember those "bloody clothes," he said they were bundled up and that "someone had to help get rid of them." He also remembers leaving his wallet and car keys in them, so he had to go retrieve them...something he said “he knows to be true.” He then took a shower and headed off on a flight to Chicago.

In the end, OJ was hurt that people found it so easy to believe he was a murderer. He feels he lived his life right and “like anyone” made their mistakes, but still didn’t think he could so easily be thought of as a murderer.When asked how he feels he’ll be remembered, OJ feels that’s up to the people to decide. The information is out there and he knows, “he can’t control” what people think. He feels that he and his family know the truth and what anyone else believes is up to them.

The special started a Twitter hashtag #didOJconfess...and lots of people have lots of opinions. There's been no comment from OJ or Charlie.

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