Here's a Tip of the Hat to the APPD

As most of you know, Aransas Pass Chief of Police Eric Blanchard made headlines very early after the Florida School shooting. Free handgun licensing courses for educators interested in getting a concealed carry for campus security. 

The Chief did a Facebook survey and the overwhelming response was....full classes. Teachers, nurses and principals showed up. In fact so many showed up, the Chief decided to have a special class for Aransas Pass ISD employees.According to Capt Lynn Pearce everyone who participated in the class passed. Here's a tip 0f the Hat to the APPD. Thank you. 

Why do you suppose people on the left oppose allowing trained teachers and other adults who work at schools to arm themselves?

Here's a quote from Los Angeles Times editorial:

"If a pistol-strapping chemistry teacher had grabbed her .45 and unloaded on today's gunman after he killed, what, one student? Three? Five? That would be good news?"

Of course, no murder is "good news." But to most of us, one or three or five as compared with 17 murdered is good news. Only those who think it isn't good news think permitting some teachers and other school staff to be armed is a bad idea.

Beyond such arguments, the left rarely, if ever, explains why allowing some teachers and other adults in a school to be armed is a crazy idea.Trying to reach Chief Blanchard for a call in this morning.

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