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Lago in The Morning.......4 April.

Here's an e-mail from my friend Jay Ratliff.Lago, E-mail: "I continue to field emails of thanks and questions from our audience and remain impressed at the depth of some of the questions - you must be doing an excellent job keeping these people informed!"

"One of the repeated phrases I use is they do not need me to learn how to flip stocks for gains, as anyone can do it. It has always been my hope that our segments together inspire others to at least consider using the stock market for a small portion of their investment portfolio. After all, it does not take much to hit the $1,000 a day goal we are after. Today, for example, we had students using $1,104 and they turned it into $2,191 this morning...or a gain of $1,087"".

"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to encourage others to look at the stock market for the incredible business opportunity it is."

Thanks again, Jay

Have ya'll seen Geraldo pushing his book? Remember when he was Gerry Rivers? Anyway, he's peddling his memoir, "The Geraldo Show." He was asked if there was anything he regretted reporting, he said, "I regret in 2002 backing down from backing the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel." I'll have a scathing rant on that just after 6 am.

The Immigrant Caravan, or what ever it's being called this morning...When a crowd of 10 thousand uninvited people decides to invade a country, isn't that an Act of War? I think it is....more on that after 6:35. "Punishment for "America's Foreign Policy Sins" Loudly I call B.S. on that...

After the Sports with Brother Dave at 7, Be Like Ted. Yes, rocker Ted Nugent......he was dinging the anti-gun Parkland teens, calling them soulless and mushy-brained children who have been fed lies and.....well, it'll be on the radio after sports or you can listen to it later on the Lago in The Morning Podcast.

Yesterday, I actually had that moment when I threw my hands up and said, “That’s enough Internet for today!”Sometimes there’s only so much stupid you can take before you need to step back and find something else to do.And what got me yesterday was the mind-blistering lack of self-awareness from those snotty Parkland “activist teens.”

So I went onto iTunes and settled on “Darkest Hour” – the film about Winston Churchill for which Gary Oldman won an Oscar. I really like movies based on History, usually. I'll have a review for you,

More teen nonsense, Condom snorting. You can see it on Youtube. Maybe that's why the lady shot up the place...

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