The Questioning of Zuckerberg

That spectacle of "elected officials," questioning Zuckerberg was sickening. It resembles a highly choreographed gang fight. (Think West Side Story, "We're gonna rumble!" "But first we dance!") ( Throw that Idiotic "OOOOOAK-LA-HOMA!" in there too)

A pitiful parade of what are supposed to be highly educated men, each taking his or her turn to run in and kick one guy, ONE, in the face and then run off. Ever asked yourself why so manyTorquemada's and so few heretics? It's found somewhere between showoff and coward. 

You know how stupidly people in crowds act. Black Friday, street riots, Philidelphia Eagles fans after the Super Bowl. Did those guys learn nothing after the 11 hour grilling of Hillary Clinton? I'll answer that, no. What your ego wants it goes after. And as demonstrated by those hearings, hell EVERY hearing, Ego knows no bounds, especially when the lights are on and the camera is running. 

As the second hour began I was waiting for accusations of heresy and apostasy, sorcery, sodomy, polygamy, blasphemy, usury and, "you said some bad things about my momma."

As the camera shifted from Representative to Senator, I used their name plate to look them up. 

Early life, college life, married life.....and like I said all highly educated. Some even with 4.0 averages.

So, I put it down to jealousy on my part. The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in college was my blood alcohol content......

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