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That Fear of Flying Thing...

When you saw the Movie, "Jaws," did it make you squeamish about going into the water at the beach? I remember coming out of that movie and hearing people say, "I'll never go in the water again."

Is there a movie like that about planes and flying? One that heightened your concern or fear?

The Federal Aviation Administration reportedly will issue an order for inspections of fan blades in jet engines following the Southwest airlines accident in which a blade caused mid-air explosion in an engine which punctured a window on the jet, killing a passenger.Boeing says the particular engine is used on more that eight-thousand of its 737 planes around the world. OK....

There are a couple of things about this story that give me the creeps. I don't like to fly. I'm Claustrophobic, so I'm continually giving myself a pep talk and "remember to breathe normally."

In the early eighties, I was on a flight that had to make an emergency landing when some of the plane’s landing gear didn’t deploy. And the whole time we circled O’Hare waiting for a longer runway to open up, I kept thinking of that damn movie, "Airport."

Yea, it took my mind off reminding myself to breath....

So you can imagine the knot in my stomach when I read this headline at Fox News:

Southwest Airlines plane’s engine explodes; passenger ‘partially sucked out’ of window.

As I read the article, I could feel myself cringing in terror. Then my natural defense mechanism kicked in and I tried to find something to make light of.

What's wrong with this picture?

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