Our 26th Anniversary


Do you remember Monday night when you asked me what I was doing and that "working" word was out and gone...

Then I said, "No, wait....Actually, I was Thinking about the first time I saw you. I'm at Sunrise Mall and I look up on the down escalator there you stood. Greenish sweater, grayish pants and a Victorian looking shoes that rose to your ankle with a complicated lace up system. (They could have fallen out of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's bag. And that sweater color, man you do amazing things to that color.)

But that incredibly beautiful smile of yours. I was immobile... it just made me stop and stare. As I watched decending.....

I thought to myself, "How,..... do I get to be....the target of your smile?" Yesterday, I was checking out of Doctor Keith Hood's office and one of the friendly office people Carolina Guerrero.......says, "Jim Lago, Lago Radio? Lago and The Morning Zoo?, Lago in The Morning? I've listened to you since Elementary school, middle school and high school." I could barley speak thru the gigantic smile, and then she said this: "I was listening the day you proposed to Pamela."Thank you for saying "Yes." Happy Anniversary, darlin girl!

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