More Nonsense from Hollywood

Hollywood actress Jodie Foster said she would be “much more comfortable having robots” own a gun than an emotional human doing so. “I mean, I’d be much more comfortable having robots have them, but we are designed to have emotions that overflow and

that are not guided by our heads,” Foster said in a recent interview with Indie Wire.

“To have sentient beings that are completely and entirely guided by their emotions have the power to administer life or death using one kilowatt of energy in a nanosecond is just unfathomable with me,” Foster added.

The thing of it is, because we’re created in God’s image and we “show the work of the Law written in [our] hearts” (Rom. 2:15), we’re not “completely and entirely guided by [our] emotions.” We’ve been made to be guided by an objective and fixed moral law, but...... in Foster’s world and in the world of so many like her, there is no such thing as an objective fixed moral standard. Is there?

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