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Lago Email...

When our current mayor Joe McComb was about the only person who thought to dig Pakery Channel was a good idea. Self-proclaimed "scientists" came with proof Pakery was a bad idea. We'd be dredging the channel every year. Unbelievable amounts of taxpayer money would be spent and it would not do anything to clean up the water in the canals. The channel was dug, water cleaned up, fishing in canals got better, the smell of stagnant water gone, fishing boats could actually get to the off shore fish. Without pulling the boat out of the water and drive it to Bird Island Basin.

I got this e-mail yesterday:

Lago,I have heard you, along with Dale Rankin and Greg Smith talk about the proposed Water Exchange Bridge on the Island.

In the past and quite recently, your show would give the impression that the movement of water under the Bridge would replace and clean all the canals within our POA development.

I know of no hydrodynamic studies that have been completed that would support any of the claims you, Dale and Greg have made about water exchange.

If you look at a map of the Island....starting at the opening at the Packery into Lake Padre, you will notice the distance from the opening to many of the dead-end canals in our POA is more than a few miles. To reach many of the dead-end canals, water would have to flow through many 90 and 180 degree turns.... Jim, the "water exchange" you refer to may happen somewhat, but will not happen to the grandiose extent you and Dale and Greg profess.

The "water exchange bridge" was a wet dream developers of Lake Padre convinced the City to pursue and even offered to chip in millions of bucks to partly fund the "dream."

If you continue to attempt to sell the Bridge, please provide your audience with scientific proof of your claims. You guys make it sound like we'll soon be trolling for marlin in our canals..LOL.

( I invited this "scientist" to call and explain how it works but somehow all I hear is crickets...)

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