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Is This a Face You Can Trust?

Maybe we should ask Mrs. Peter Strzok that question.

Now, I realize the Democrats along with their Twitter cheering section have elevated that creepy dude to Hero Status.But after his shameful performance Friday, it’s impossible not to conclude that not only is Peter Strzok a liar, he’s a creepy-ass liar at that.

I saw the picture last night on Twitter and, well, let’s just say it gave me a wiggins.

His career in the FBI is pretty much toast.

But I’m guessing creepy Peter Strzok just might find a new, more lucrative career playing evil, crazies in the movies.

The timing on this is just a bit suspect, no?DOJ announces that 12 Russians are being indicted for DNC hack.Okay, cool, but the DNC was never actually hacked.

DNC likely fell for a phishing scheme, similar to Podesta.

Would love to see the evidence for the "hack".Why won't the DNC turn over its servers?

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