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This is Flat-Out Insane!

In October of last year, California decided to decriminalize knowingly spreading HIV.

And the logic behind it doesn’t take into account medical research regarding the resurgence of HIV and the rise of drug-resistant forms of the disease.

As of now, if you have HIV, you can knowingly spread the disease to another partner and face no consequences.

But heaven forbid you get caught with a plastic straw!....All those people freaking out about plastic straws should pay attention to this chart from Statista about the countries that pollute the oceans the most with plastic.So even if no American ever drank from a plastic straw again, the amount of ocean pollution that would be reduced would be a literal drop in the ocean.You understand that?

Give someone HIV and walk away scot-free.

Give your customer a plastic straw in his drink and spend six years in jail.

What the hell is wrong with the people in California?

Now, I realize that California will protect illegal alien criminals.

But what if an illegal alien uses as a plastic straw?

There’s a quandary.

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