Time Wasters...

What was my complaint about meetings? Time wasters. 

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that workers spend about 21% of their work hours in meetings, and feel that a quarter of that time is simply wasted. Employees’ biggest issues with meetings is that they usually start late (66%), with 63% finding them unnecessary, because the stuff discussed could be handled over email instead. Other complaints about meetings include:

Too much or not enough time allotted (57%)Attendees distracted (using phone, checking email, doodling, etc.) (57%)Attendees interrupt each other (55%)Not sticking to an agenda when one is provided (49%)Attendees unprepared (47%)

And if you want folks to be engaged in your meeting, you shouldn’t allow for remote ones. The survey finds that 37% of workers admit to being less engaged during remote meetings.

Source: Accountemps

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