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Sitting home watching the spectacle that the Democrats and their supporters made of the start to the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday. Do they think that they're achieving anything with their constant interruptions and spurious calls for more and more documents? Everyone knows that they're going to lose the vote so all they're doing is posturing for the cameras so the leftist wing of the party will get some sort of cathartic release thinking that, yeah, they stood up to the man. Meanwhile, the Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 nomination on the committee can preen that they did their utmost to insult Trump and Kavanaugh. The Women's March protesters can tell their supporters and donors that they got their money's worth by screaming out and getting evicted from the hearings.

But in the end, they achieved nothing. If they were really concerned about defeating Kavanaugh, they'd be trying to win over GOP senators such as Murkowski and Collins. Do they really think that this spectacle would convince either of those senators? It's more likely to get their backs up.

And if this is about winning elections, remember that the next election is in November - just two months away. If the Democrats have any hope of becoming a majority in the Senate, they'll have to win elections in red states. Do they honestly believe that this mess yesterday will win over red-state voters for Democratic senators? Remember a lot of people who didn't really like Trump voted for him specifically because of the Supreme Court. Now he's nominated a perfectly respectable judge that any Republican would have nominated. He could have been the nominee of a President Rubio, Bush, or Cruz. So opposing him because Trump nominated him just means that they don't care about the Constitution. As long as Trump is president, he can nominate people to the courts....

If you watch the circus today, here are some things to watch:As the questioning begins today, look to Democratic senators to try to get Kavanaugh to commit to how he'd vote on specific issues especially abortion, gun rights, and Trump's executive privileges in battles with the special counsel....

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