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Lago in the Morning September 12

Stormy Daniels says she “may never have a normal life again.”All she wants to do is go back to being a typical everyday stripper and porn star? What, Media Ho now has negative connotations? -------Seton Motley is on the KKTX Hotline just after 06:00....To promote his daily show, former Republican Joe Scarborough penned a piece for the Washington Post on the anniversary of 9/11, President "Trump is harming the dream of America more than any foreign adversary ever could."

Scarborough would have you believe that President Trump is worse than not only 19 illegal aliens turning airliners into missiles, but also worse than the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, worse than an Iran armed with nukes, and of course, the cliche of worse than Hitler.

And looking at it from Scarborough's cubicle in life, Donald John Trump and the 62 million people who voted for him are... a threat?----Brother Dave Evins has your sports update.-----07:10 Mayor Joe Mccomb. 2 Search firms will be in town for interviews in the new City Manager hiring process. A cluster of Thunderstorms in the Gulf now has a 70% chance of becoming a Tropical Storm depression by Friday.We are already super-saturated from the last three days of torrential rain. Local flooding is going to be a problem. Is The Mayor assembling the emergency management team? How exactly do you manage flood water?Batteries, Water and non-perishable goods are hitting the shelves at HEB. ----

I told you yesterday that The Texas State Board of Education is considering a recommendation that the defenders at the Alama should not be described as "heroic."

The recommendation, made in a report issued last month, was one of several hundred tweaks, additions and deletions offered up by the advisory group reviewing state curriculum standards for social studies. The panel said "heroic" was a "value-charged word."

....Current seventh-grade social studies curriculum standards include the "siege of the Alamo and all of the heroic defenders who gave their lives there." The advisory committee recommended cutting the phrase "and all of the heroic defenders who gave their lives there."

Another recommendation is that students shouldn't study William Travis's letter vowing "I shall never surrender or retreat."

It doesn't take long to be offended now does it my fellow Texans?

Got this from Matt Briscoe:

Lago, E-mail The SBOE said they will likely agree to a compromise that would keep wording in state Textbooks that regards defenders of the Alamo as heroes. I believe it was a very wise call on their part.

Visit Matt Briscoe's website here.

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