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Lago in the Morning

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"Here Come the Weekend ......."

"We Have To Say Yes To the word and everything." (and everything? Who does he think he is Rex Kinnison????)

Doctor Keith Rose in the Box just after Dave's sports update just after 07:00....

Just after 06:00 Tyler Thorsen is up and talking about Red Tide fish..and firearms and...anything else that pops up. Here is his website. Reports from all over. Great pictures too.

Charles Durain takes a look at the Market. Top of the fold headline in the paper..."US is "Likely World's Top Oil Producer."and of course they blame the controversial fracking...

Conquer The Coast has been canceled due to weather..

Dianne Feinstein alerts authorities to secret Brett Kavanaugh letter.It details an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman when the pair were 17-years-old. (The Woman? is it just me, or does that make her older?)

How many of you are living your lives by things you thought as a 17 year old?

While additional details about the letter were scarce, two media outlets have reported that the person who wrote the letter is being represented by an attorney, Debra Katz, who has been described in media reports as Washington’s #MeToo lawyer.

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