To Mark Constitution Day, Yesterday...

The Justice Department held a forum on free speech.....(I know, you're saying, "What Free Speech." )

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says free speech is under attack on college campuses. So much – that there was a forum held on the subject the Justice Department yesterday.

Sessions said the suppression of competing voices on American campuses is not the American way – and that the Justice Department will not stand for suppression of free speech. “This has gone too far,” Sessions added. “Suppression of competing voices is not the American way. We have reached a pivotal, perhaps even a historic, moment. It is time to stand up to the bullies on campus and in our culture.”

The Justice Department’s Forum on Free Speech in Higher Education, coincided with Constitution Day, which marks the day in 1787 when the founding document was signed in Philadelphia.

Source: C-SPAN (Somebody do something! I'm watching C-SPAN)

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