This is Gruesome

A three-day-old baby from Brazil is being called a “miracle” after surviving several stings from a venomous scorpion. The deadly insect reportedly got to little Sofia by climbing into a diaper and attaching itself to her umbilical cord.

She didn’t get away completely unscathed, the seven stings caused her to start foaming at the mouth and go limp. Her mother Fernanda thought that she just had reflux, but soon rushed her to the hospital where she suffered from life-threatening symptoms including an irregular heartbeat. Once there - even the doc was so freaked out when she found the scorpion, she had a security guard remove it!

Luckily, little Sofia received enough antidote...and just in the nick of time. The family has since moved to a relative’s house where they’re hoping they can avoid any more of the critters.....