Hoisted By Their Own Petard

Their own "Boofing" petard. I've never understood where Shakespeare got the word.....and the definition just does not fit. When I think of petards?

Richard Harris in "A Man Called Horse" Bone, shoved into and thru the man boob muscle. Then attach rope to it....now crank the rope and see if you can get him off the ground. That's a petard.

Will you please join me in my attempt to change the word "Man-hole?" It's degrading, demoralizing, condescending and rude. 

What will we demand it be changed to?

Street Hole?

Street Hole Drain, Waste water system, waste water hole, The Bad Ass Drain. (it will drain if you quit blowing your yard clippings into the drain. Contrary to what you believe, Grass does not...flow.

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