You've Heard It All Your Life...

"It all started with banning prayer at school." How come when we started leaving prayer, bible and God out of our homes? When we abandoned teaching our children ourselves about our Christian beliefs and values, it was easy to remove school prayer. I wonder if this will stick....

It’s no secret that Americans – especially those in the younger set – are addicted to their electronics. Specifically, their smart phones. And when you consider any number of studies that point to the isolation created by burying your nose into a screen, it’s no wonder that more people than ever are losing the notion of how that’s affecting the real world they’re ignoring.

Senator Ben Sasse says the digital revolution, which fundamentally changed the economy, is also "undermining" the nation's overall sense of community. On CBS' Face the Nation, the Nebraska Republican says it's causing Americans to feel loneliness. Sasse says politics alone won't solve the country's problems.

Sasse says America's struggles have been decades in the making and the blame for that shouldn't be placed on President Trump. His fix? Remembering things like friendship and a regaining a sense of community. (Sound familiar?) (Could this be fixed at home? Sure, but who has time?)

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