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The Lawsuit...

Do you believe not having a hard pass to the White House violates the First Amendment protection to a Free Press? 

Then why doesn’t every journalist in America possess one?

In fact, why require them at all?

***Last night I came across this as it applies to so called journalists...

Jim Acosta is protected by the little-known Article 66, Section 71 of the US Constitution which stipulates all Americans have a God-given right to a White House hard pass in order to scream at the President as long as they want to & play ‘hide the mic’ with WH interns.....sorry, bad joke...

CNN’s press freedom isn’t at risk.

As the White House points out in their statement on this stupid lawsuit, CNN has nearly fifty other hard pass holders besides Jim Acosta.

They are not fighting for Freedom of the Press; they’re fighting for their dwindling ratings. To CNN, Jim Acosta’s staged grandstanding makes for good TV.

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