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Poor Hillary

She can’t even win the contest for Biggest Sore Loser.

And here I thought she had that it in the bag.

Then again, they all thought she had the White House in the bag too.But even Hillary can’t hold a candle to outsized sore loser Stacey Abrams.Since her “not a concession speech,” Sore Loser Abrams has been on cable news daily whining and complaining about how unfair it all is........"Unfair"...Abrams didn’t want a free and fair election. She wanted a free-for-all.

And she pissed because she didn’t get it.

The problem with the news media promoting her temper tantrum isn’t that it makes them look like partisan hypocrites. Everything they do makes them look like partisan hypocrites.

The real problem is giving this sore loser a platform to whine day after day will only confirm to Georgia voters that they made the right choice by electing Kemp.

After all, who wants a perpetual whiner and grumpy sore loser serving as Governor?

And the more cable news keeps trotting her out to vent her spleen, the more convinced Georgians will be that they dodged a bullet.

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