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You ramble on about the worthless sh** and ignore the lies that Trump/Bush/Hitler tells. The Orange man is lying? And probably raping someone. You never learn.

B D Rath.

Mr. Rath,

If you are being held hostage and part of the torture is listening to the program, along with having your man parts hooked up to a battery, that's on you.

I never learn? I do not concur.

For Example: Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from surviving bad judgement.

You gain financial independence not by having the biggest pile of cash, but by having the smallest pile of needs.

Personal note on above: greed and paranoia are relative to financial status.

The most dangerous man, the one with absolutely nothing left to lose.

Truly honest people are few and far between, honest politicians rarer yet.

Learning is a lifelong career, get good at it.

Changes are never permanent, but change is. Get used to it.

Shit happens!

When you are 20, life seemingly crawls; 20 years later, you think you've been blindsided

Even more shit happens after the other shit is history.

Mornin’ coffee.

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