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Are You An After Christmas Bargain Hunter?

What do you like to buy?

Do you like to spend your holiday money and gift cards right after Christmas or save them for a while?What did you have on your holiday wish list that you didn’t get this year? Will you get it for yourself now?What's On Sale Now That Christmas Is Over

A lot of us spent the last month shopping and spending for others, but if you’re looking for a deal, after Christmas sales are a good way to save. With retailers getting rid of excess inventory to make way for new items. Here are a few.

Toys and Games - After Christmas, retailers need to get rid of their load of toys, so shoppers can find good deals. The hottest toys of the season may not be restocked or included in the discounts and video games are usually excluded from these deals too.

Winter clothing - Winter only started last week, but retailers are already moving on to warm weather gear like bathing suits and shorts, so they have to make room by clearing out all the coats, gloves, and scarves in stock. 

If you need winter wear, this is a good time to find a bargain.

Candles - All the seasonal stuff gets heavily marked down after Christmas, so shoppers can save on the apple cinnamon and pine scented candles.

Box-sets - Prices on gifts like robes and slippers sets, face masks, bath bombs and other boxed collections are usually slashed starting December 26th.

Holiday decorations - Save big now on lights and ornaments for Christmas future. It’s the perfect time to invest in a new tree stand and get it for much less than you will next December.

Bedding and towels - You can find bargains on these items after Christmas, but if you really want to save, hold out until January when the big sales happen, usually near the MLK holiday.

Source: Fortune

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