Reaction to Louis C.K.'s New Comedy Material

Actress Says She Wants Louis C.K. To Be Sexually Assaulted And Shot For His ‘Offensive’ Jokes...

She later deleted the messages on Twitter, possibly after facing a flurry of backlash from those who criticized her for being a hypocrite.Her messages were a response to C.K.’s leaked audio from new comedy material in which he supposedly mocked liberal youth for picking their own genders.

C.K. also mocked teens who were called “survivors” of the Parkland shooting that happened last year in which multiple people lost their lives.

C.K.’s jokes seemed to focus on how today’s youth are talking to government about laws like they know anything, while youth during his time were “going crazy” with parties and having fun.

C.K.’s comedy set offended people who disagreed with his views, but that’s nothing new for the comedian who has produced offensive humor for his entire career...

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