CNN Talking Points...

I turned to CNN after the Presidents address, just to get my blood flowing so I could hear it pounding in my ears and....I swear this is what I heard."You've just heard President Trump's Address, now stand by for the democrats' response. Afterward CNN will go back to our regularly scheduled programming of repeating the Democrat Party's talking points 24/7."Chuck and Nancy are demanding “equal time” to give the Democrat Response to President Trump’s 8-minute address tonight.

Can someone tell me why they need to do that?

It isn’t like CNN hasn’t already been providing the Democrat talking points 24-hours a day, seven days a week since Trump was inaugurated.(Snarky Satire, is that redundant?) Remember folks, don't listen to what the president said. You should only listen to what WE tell you he meant..........

Do we really need an official Democrat Response to air on CNN when it has been acting as the Democrat Response to Trump for two years?

Sure, they’re giving Trump eight minutes tonight.

But that just means instead of the 1,440 minutes of Democrat talking points CNN normally airs every day, they will only be able to squeeze in 1,432 minutes today.

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