Drugs. Victimless Crime?

A 6-year-old girl was rescued Thursday evening by police from a home in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, after she posted photos online of her dead father and unconscious stepmother.

A pit bull, police said, had been gnawing on the 40-year-old man's face.

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[Police chief] Green said the couple appears to have suffered a drug overdose.

It was unclear what kind of drugs they were — or where they came from.

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Green said the child's grandparent reportedly saw the photos of the adults on Facebook, which the child posted with a mobile phone to get help. The grandparent called 911, which went to police in Ingham County and was passed to Mount Morris Township police.

When police went to the house, the officer heard the little girl screaming.

Green said she told the officer that "the dog was chewing on someone's face."

The officers broke into the house, found the girl's father, who was dead, and stepmother, who had been unconsciousness for at least 24 hours. The girl had not had anything to eat for a day — maybe longer.

The child told the officers she had woken up early Thursday and thought her parents were still sleeping. She tried to get them up, too. When they didn't respond, she splashed water on their face — but they still wouldn't waken Maybe one of you lawyers can help me here,is this a malum prohibitum offense,(I've heard it discussed), or malum in se - evil in itself. There are always moral consequences to their abuse, even if not immediately visible, and even if some reject any moral code that defines such consequences....a 6 year old girl.

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