The Best a Toxic Masculine Male Can Get

Many people were offended at the audacity of Gillette when they released a commercial a couple of weeks ago that was supposed to be a serious attempt at combating “toxic masculinity.” Gillette is a company known for their safety razors and other miscellaneous products and is owned by the multinational consumer goods corporation Proctor and Gamble. But what was so offensive about the video?

After people had watched the video and givenit 250,000 dislikes, CNBC had this to say:

Gillette has come under fire after releasing a commercial that draws on the #MeToo movement to challenge “toxic masculinity.”

In the ad, the razor brand — a subsidiary of global giant Proctor & Gamble — calls out “bullying,” “sexual harassment” and “toxic masculinity,” and questions: “Is this the best a man can get?” The campaign goes on to encourage men to hold one another accountable for their behavior.

Now, in order to combat the narrative-filled video, a Conservative YouTuber has made a PARODY video that has gone completely viral…and for good reason!

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