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Tyler Thorsen just after 06:00 with your fishing report and Neal Stewart with lawn and garden advise. If you have a question for 06::35

Blake Farenthold and Dr. Keith Rose in The Box today....

For over 5 years the Nursing Students at TAMUCC have come in and asked a series of questions about citizens health, health practices and how radio, this program in particular, responds to citizens needs. Here's this semesters email request.

My name is Lesley Ramirez and I would like to set up a meeting so that we could talk about the influence of radio stations on the census track 10 community. My partner and I are TAMUCC nursing students and we are working on a community assessment project. We'd appreciate your input!

Thank you,


Maybe you could help this time.

How do you think this radio program influences not all of you, just some of you. How many? 4,149 of us. Out of 300,000.

What influence have we had? Good? Bad? Not Sure?

If I programmed this morning show to cater to census track 10, I'd be lucky to get right at one percent of the 4,149 listeners. Or no ratings. Which leads to no commercials. Which leads to the host looking for a new job. 4,149 people.

I have almost as many friends on Facebook. That's not bragging, it's an example of how small the audience is.

The job of a local radio morning show host, that's me, is to put as many topical local and National items or products in my store window.

Vetted Stories in the news that are either "OMG!" or information you will need for today and next week, month or year. That's why you will hear me tease the next subject or story we will talk about.

Here is a snapshot of census track 10 community.

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