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New Green Deal?

This morning, while I was mainlining my coffee, I stumbled across an article at Breitbart about an interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave to a NY radio station on Friday.....

Apparently, in explaining why during the SOTU she looked like a sullen teenager whose dad wouldn’t let her borrow the car, Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at President Trump calling him an authoritarian.

And, by golly! She’s not going to applaud that icky authoritarian who has lowered unemployment for women and minorities!

After all, “they are closing in on people’s rights!” The little teenager whined. The Trump administration is “targeting people of color.”

Yes, apparently targeting people of color with jobs and a better standard of living.......Crikies!

Can you say.......New Green Deal? I knew you could...The chick who is closing in on your cars thinks President Trump is an authoritarian.......

Alex o-cortez who is closing in on your cars thinks President Trump is an authoritarian.

Alexandria is closing in on the cows! Tough luck, Wisconsin

Suck it, coal miners, oil rig workers. And say goodbye to those great paying fracking jobs, North Dakota!

Alexandria is closing in on the entire energy sector that employs millions of people. And is our economic engine. OURS!! Look around you this morning on your way in.....if the fog permits, tell me how you love the economic horizon...all lit up and glowing....or dark and gloomy because everytime you look at will think how great it USED to be and some of you liberals won't understand that THEY gave birth to it.

And, because your money doesn’t belong to you, Alexandria is closing in on your income. After all, government must guarantee a living wage to the people who are unwilling to work.

(I;ll try to post the clip a bit later)

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