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As Eddie Kendricks Used To Sing...

This Smollett hate crime story just keeps on pushin'

Report: FBI Investigating Jussie Smollett Letter. The FBI!

Chicago Police have been very interested in getting "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett back in for a chat. If the two men cooperating with police – Ola and Abel Osundairo – are to be believed, Smollett was involved in the planning and execution of what he’s maintained was a hate-crime. But it’s getting worse.

Now comes word that federal investigators are looking into whether Smollett had something to do with a threatening letter that was sent to him on the Chicago set of the hit show. In fact, sources are saying the letter is now at the FBI crime lab for testing. As you might recall, the letter was sent just days before Smollett claimed he was attacked in Chicago.

According to the Osundairo brothers, the alleged attack came because Smollett was upset that the studio’s reaction to the letter wasn’t appropriate. And here’s the thing: while state charges surrounding the filing of a false police report are certainly problematic (and do carry a fine and potential jail time), mailing of the letter means that whomever sent it will surely face federal indictment. Conventional wisdom is that any judge overseeing this case will want to “make an example” of the guilty party. Various sources are reporting that grand jury could begin weighing an indictment any time now.

Meanwhile…you might remember that there were suggestions that perhaps Smollett had instigated this chain of events because he was worried he was being written off "Empire." The show’s head writer swung back saying it wasn’t even in the ballpark of ideas. Apparently, that was then. According to “Deadline,” producers are now cutting most scenes involving the actor, who plays the role of a gay singer and songwriter named Jamal Lyon on the show, was supposed to have nine scenes and a large musical performance in the second to last episode of this season. However, five of the scenes, as well as the musical number, have since been cut and the remaining four scenes no longer focus on his character. The changes come after reports claim Smollett may have paid two of his friends to help stage the assault.....

Yeah. I made screenshots because I’m guessing his lawyers might urge him to purge his irony-filled Twitter account in the near future.

Jussie has a lot to say about liars and fakers on Twitter.

And each tweet has aged about as well as a carton of eggs left out in the backyard for a month.

I think Dr. Freud would call this “projection.”

What do you think?

Just below is a tweet Jussie sent out just days before his “brutal” attack at the hands of two “Trump supporters:”

Jussie Smollett tweet-03

Yeah. He’s going to need a lot of bleach to clean up this twitter-trail, isn’t he?

Sure is ironic, isn’t it

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