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From the "Some Things Never Change" Department...

Or as Dickens says in the Old Curiosity Shop......."Twas ever Thus."

Lago in The Morning Texas Historian Jim Moloney 123 years ago, blacksmith Bob” Fitzsimmons rented a house on North Beach in 1895 to begin training for a heavyweight fight with “Gentleman Jim” Corbett, a match the world was waiting for. Fitzsimmons ran wind sprints on the beach with his pet lion loping beside him. When the alarm spread that the lion had escaped, mothers kept their kids inside and a posse of “lion-hunters” was formed. After four days, the lion crawled out from under a porch where he had been hiding. In September 1895, Fitzsimmons invited any citizen to spar with him at his training camp. He promised that no one would be hurt. Walter Timon, who later became Nueces County judge, was the only man to take up the challenge.

The Charges to be filed against Jussie Woosie, disorderly conduct.

Disorderly Conduct? I got ya Disorderly Conduct right here!

Think about it for a moment. He sent himself Hate Mail.

Hired two Nigerian dudes to orchestrate an attack on him.

Claimed it was President Trump Supporters

FILED a false police report.

....and then he lied about it.....that's all he gets? Disorderly Conduct?

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