The Perfect Open Letter To Suburban Moms

As I sit here and wonder what to post, what might amuse you, I had a different thought. This is what I think of you, readers, listeners accidental tourists.

You could have written this letter. You, each and every one of you, especially you ladies. Most especially hold the distinction of Mother. That's what's this is about.

The AOC says you should stop having children to "save the planet". Like you want to set fire to your house?

Suburban moms wantto save the planet too. But for them, that means reusable shopping bags, recycling and buying LED bulbs. It sure as heck doesn’t mean not having children or getting rid of cows, air travel and the SUVs they use to drive their kids to soccer practice.

Last fall, Julie Kelly penned the perfect open letter to Suburban Moms warning them about voting for a party made up of people who hate them just because Trump bothers their sensibilities.

I think you could have written this AND have had these thoughts rolling around in your mind till they hurt.

Read the full article here.

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