Renaming Dripping Strings?

A coalition of people want to rename Dripping Springs, Texas, a small city in Hays County, west of Austin, in honor of one of the town's "most outstanding and earliest settlers," Dr. Joseph M. Pound. The new name they're proposing? Pound Town.

They've got some backers as well thanks to the financial support of Jesse James, host of "Jesse James: Outlaw Garage." His company’s mailing address is in the town and he donated $1,500 towards the name-change effort, then writing aboutit on Facebook and Instagram, where the posts have received over 820 reactions and 5,600 likes, respectively.

Social media has had some fun with the name change. A sampling of the comments on his posts includes, “That’s the name of my bedroom,” “Best place to take the wife for your anniversary…,” “A lot of porn companies would like that address,” and “Just like Intercourse, Pennsylvania.”