The Month of June...

June is gay pride month. Why? Just because.

Yesterday, we talked about the Confederate Flag comments at Tuesday's City Council meeting. There is a flag for Gay Pride month......the brightly colored rainbow flag. See any displayed in neighborhoods?

County Commissioner Carolyn Vaughn made a choice not to condone something( condone, look it up, it tastes nothing like condemn) that she has been taught most of her formative years, and most of her adult life that is morally wrong and Carolyn is an active member of her church. She believes in God and what the bible says. I'm not going into that. Just want to leave you with two things.

1. A group of strangely dressed people have just shown up at your door. They say God is Wrong. Your Choice.

2. Felicitia Garcia Lago, my grandmother, had a shrine to The Holy Mother, Virgin of Guadalupe in the wall just before the stairway began.

NANA: Jimmy always kneel and make the sign of the Cross for the Holy Mother..(actually she said it in Spanish, Virgen de Guadalupe) before you go up the stairs..........or you might fall.

I did it everytime.....

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