Dale Rankin Owner/Editor of The Island Moon.

The Dean of South Texas Journalists Kiii News Anchor Joe Gazin.

Inspirational messages on Joe's Facebook page. I'll find out this morning if he looks for and posts them....also changes in the way we get the news and the way it's delivered, the horror story of what we are doing to the Language of Business, (English) and the incredible changes happening and more on the way in Corpus Christi AND The Coastal Bend.

Just how long has Joe been The Anchor, not only at Channel 3 know, The Anchor, the one everybody has been trying to beat ever since Jay Ricci and Eleanor Roosevelt anchored at Channel 6 back in the 80's.

Nurdles, PIPOA resignation, Corpus Christi Comic Con, Dance Lessons at Waves Resort...(For more information about pricing and dates call (361) 589-4220) Moonshine & Ale Sing Along Piano Bar ..... it's minimally better than Karaoke, unless someone would like to go into business with me for....

Paintball Karaoke! Lock and Load!

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