What's On My Mind?

Why are we beating on Whataburger?

Stories of the company's local history, did that not make an impression on you? Struggle, sacrifice, hard work and success. Is it the success that is upsetting?

Bill Miller BBQ writes an open letter to "their customers" you and I know it was directed at Whataburger. The Dobson's....you won't meet nicer people.....the Dobson's for cryin' out loud...sponsors of so many things I can't begin to name them....

.Hey Bill Miller BBQ...how many times have you stepped up and sponsored....ANYTHING??!!!

What in the name of the ever popular, "giving back" do we NOT understand? Whataburger has been Giving Back since 1950! Years of public service, serving the community, providing jobs, sponsoring community events and the thanks they get for all those years is.........ingratitude???

When envy springs up and is allowed to live and grow, it has horrible consequences.

Cain killed his brother out of envy. (Genesis 4:3-8) Korah envious of Moses, he was swallowed up by the earth. (Numbers 16) Saul, David, it's a long list. All the stories end in tears...

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