From Big Frank's Brother-In-Law...

From Big Frank Edwards Franklin's brother-in-law......David Vickers.

I have a right to be dangerous. To be harmful if need be. To be able to kill. I have a right to use the tools I need to do so. An automatic Colt Pistol, an Semi automatic rifle, pocket knife, a baseball bat, an Abrams tank, a pointed stick. This right is given by deity. No government document, edict or law gives me that right, nor can it legally, in accordance with the natural rights of man, take it away.

I have a responsibility to never use my ability to harm except in measured response to the situation. I have a responsibility to never use my ability to terminate the life of another human except in the gravest extreme. I still have the right to own any weapon. I have a right and a responsibility to use that weapon to defend myself from all those who wish to take away my natural rights either criminal elements or a tyrannical government.

This is currently the difference between the right and the left. The left wants the responsibility to control access to arms, given to the government. Why is a matter of conjecture. Some of those on the left think, against all statistics and evidence that this would stop mass shootings. Some of us see only an erosion of the natural rights of man, in order to subvert those rights and set up collectivist control.

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