Life in Chicago More Dangerous to Kids Than Covid

BUCK: I ask people, Clay, they will say, “Oh, well, it’s just about protecting adults from the kids,” and I’d say, “Kids don’t spread it to children very easily.”

CLAY: That’s what the data show. They don’t know that, or they refuse to acknowledge it.

BUCK: Or is it the hysterical parents that think their kid is gonna die when, as you pointed out like a hundred times on this show, you are literally more likely to have a child die by drowning or die in a car accident, but people still put their children in cars.

CLAY: Or be murdered. The crazy stat that’s out there is… We talked about Chicago police officers potentially being forced to resign over covid vaccine mandate. Buck, more kids have been shot in Chicago this year alone than have died of covid. Think about how crazy that stat is. That is… Listen, to everybody out there who is trying to analyze risk: Your kid is more likely to be shot in Chicago alone, which is a tiny percentage of the overall kids in America, than to die with covid in this entire country.

I don’t know the answer, Buck, because the first thing I saw this morning… You know, I got my news alert: Joe Biden, the administration, they’re ready to give 28 million kids the vaccine. My first thought was, first of all, my kids aren’t getting it, okay? And I am being straightforward and transparent and honest and there’s probably gonna be a headline, “Clay Travis is an anti-vaxxer.”

No. My kids got measles, mumps, rubella, chocks, all that stuff. They are not in danger from covid. I think they probably already had it because both my wife and I have had it. We haven’t antibody tested them, but I’ve got a 7-year-old just turned 7 and I’ve got an 11-year-old a first grader and a fifth grader. They are not getting the covid vaccine. There’s no risk to ’em. I’m not putting them through the risk of getting this vaccine.

BUCK: And they’re gonna tell you right now — and this is all gonna come down to the political control in different states. They’re going to say, “Oh, it’s gonna be a choice.” It’s a choice right now, and they’re gonna see how many people get the shot.

CLAY: It’s not gonna be enough.

BUCK: And then when we get into the winter, it won’t be enough. And right now, when I say this, the Fauciites say, “That’s not true! That’s not true!” and then in a month or two, this happens. Clay, you and me, every time the same situation plays out, we say, “This is what they will say…” They scream from the rooftops, “You’re being hysterical! That’s not fair. You’re anti-vaxxer,” whatever, right?

And then they end up going, “Okay, yeah, we’re gonna do the thing you said we would do but now that we’ve moved the football down the field with even more control. We’re comfortable saying it out loud,” and you and I sit here and say, “Wow, how did we know this is what they were going to do how were we able to predict this? ” They’re going to set up vaccine… They’ve already done it in California. It’s not like I’m making some crazy prediction. They’re gonna do it for next fall. Think about this: They’re not forcing teachers or the very powerful prison guards union to get vaccinated.

CLAY: They’re not making prison guards get the vaccine!

BUCK: Which is in place of real… I mean, if you’re worried about where covid’s gonna spread, prison is — after a hospital ward — probably the next most dangerous place to be. They’re not making prison guards get the vaccine? It’s all politics, and we see it, and they can call us anti-vaxxers and they can smear us and undermine and lie. But they are suffering from a pathetic mass media-induced mass hysteria. They need to splash some cold water on their faces and stop being crazy.

CLAY: I agree, and the reason why we can predict exactly where this is going, Buck, is because it’s the same thing. You can even use it for masks, right? I already know how it’s gonna go. Parents are going to say — the same way now, it’s not enough for you to be able to choose to put a mask on your kid; everybody else has to wear a mask too. So the mask people are gonna run as fast as they can.

They’re gonna fall all over themselves to get their 5-year-olds vaccinated from covid for something they have zero risk from, and then they’re going to say, “Wait a minute! Your kids are not vaccinated, too?” meaning, “My kids are still at risk,” and we are headed… You thought the mask battle was big, Buck? We are headed – especially if cases remain high — for one of the all-time battles in American history over vaccinating kids for covid.

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