NY’s Gov. Hochul Exploits Colin Powell’s Death

CLAY: We’ve got a new governor in New York. She is not Andrew Cuomo, which may be the only asset that she has, but she has been behaving very strangely. We remember talking about her when she was saying that she needed people to be the apostles for the vaccine and she was wearing — remember, Buck — the gold chain that said like “vaccinated” on it or whatever.

BUCK: Yes. No, it was a necklace, a necklace to let everyone know that she was vaccinated. The virtue signaling of masks is not enough, Clay. You have to have a vaccination necklace alongside your mask. I just always want to ask, “Where is the other necklace?” It should be doubled, Clay, if you take the virus seriously.

CLAY: She said something else crazy, Buck, and I can’t believe she’s not getting more pushback from this. We talked on the show and wished our best to the family of Colin Powell — an American secretary of state, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, one of the truly great men of his generation in terms of serving this country. He died this week, and we said: Look, the family announced — probably because there were going to be ghouls coming after them if they didn’t announce it — that Colin Powell had been double vaccinated.

And at the age of 84, dealing with cancer, he the family notified everyone that he died with covid. And the reason why I think, Buck, that they announced that he was vaccinated is because otherwise that would have been these ghouls on social media tapdancing on the grave of Colin Powell because he was unvaccinated, right? That’s what happens every time somebody dies now if they’re unvaccinated with covid.

But Governor Hochul out of New York said — and it’s really crazy, I thought, Buck. She blamed an unvaccinated person for giving Colin Powell covid and causing him to die. There’s no evidence of this being the case. This is outlandish behavior. It’s dishonest. It is using his death as a means to try to advance a cause that isn’t in any way representative of what actually happened. Listen to what she said. Let’s play cut 8.

HOCHUL: We had a very high-profile case, Colin Powell — and our sympathies go out to his family and thank him for his extraordinary service to our nation. But his story cannot be hijacked by the anti-vaxxers. He had unique circumstances. As many older people have, they have — they are immunocompromised. There are other circumstances that clearly went into his unfortunate death, and I don’t want anyone to say that this is a reason not to get vaccinated because listen to this: How did he get sick in the first place? Somebody who wasn’t vaccinated gave him the virus! He certainly had to get that from someone else.

BUCK: So she doesn’t actually, apparently, read or know how to read. I’m not sure exactly which one it is.

CLAY: Are you his as bothered by this as I am? This is crazy.

BUCK: Clay, there’s so much now that is said by people like the governor of New York that is not fact checked. It doesn’t matter to them. They’re dug in. This is now a function of religious belief for them, that there are The Good People and The Bad People. The fact is that somehow you have the U.K. with over 80% of the population vaccinated — I was just looking at this this morning — and they’re scrambling —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — to get shots in arms, booster shots for everybody, for the fully vaccinated. They have 50,000 infections in a single day this week in the U.K., cases averaging over 44,000 a day, up 16% from a week earlier because they can’t get the boosters in the people’s arms fast enough. Why is that? Because they know that there is a large percentage of those who are sick and going to the hospital who are fully vaccinated.

If you are sick and going to the hospital even as a fully vaccinated person, you can certainly spread the virus to other people. So obviously there are people who are vaccinated who are spreading this. But it’s all just turning into a big food fight now because they’re about to do among the craziest things of all. It’s up there with double masking alone in your car, or in the shower just ’cause you want to “take the virus seriously.”

Clay, they’re gonna put tiny needles into 5- and 6- and 7-year-olds’ arms to, quote, “protect them” from a virus that is about as dangerous to the children, to the children, as the common cold. That is reality, and they’re now going to roll this out, and they’re gonna say it’s just an option, until your kid wants to go to school.

CLAY: This is gonna turn into a major battleground. If you think vaccines for people to be employed has been a battleground — and it has — I just want to circle back to the New York governor here for a moment before we circle back to a sound bite Jen Psaki. Hey, do you think that she really doesn’t know that vaccinated people can spread covid? Is she that dumb, or is she just choosing…?

When I heard that audio, my jaw dropped open. She is the governor of a state — one of the biggest states in the country — that has had one of the biggest issues with covid anywhere in the world. Is she really not aware that vaccinated people can spread the virus? She said we don’t want to make it political with Colin Powell, and then she immediately just made up a story that an unvaccinated person had given him covid!

BUCK: I think this is just because people have to know who have bought into all this — they have to believe — that there’s the good side and there’s the bad side. There’s no nuance. There’s no data. There’s nothing. There’s you either listen to St. Fauci, that evil little Smurf tyrant, or you’re a bad person who is literally killing people.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: This is way. This is the dichotomy in their minds. This is the way they view things.

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