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Jedediah Bila: Conservative Mama Bear Against Mandates

CLAY: We bring in now… I’m hoping that I can go third time’s the charm and nail the pronunciation of her name, and I’m actually curious what percentage of people do nail the pronunciation of her name. Jedediah Bila joins us now. I absolutely love your Twitter feed, Jedediah. Did I get that right? What percentage of people correctly pronounce your name?

BILA: So you got it right, and what’s really interesting are the people who get the “Jedediah” right and then I get “Byla.”

CLAY: Yeah.

BILA: It’s like, “Oh, wow. You were so close!” You got ‘Jedediah’ and then things just went bad.” So you got it right. I thought you got it right last time.

CLAY: I think I did, but then I bailed. But I love your Twitter feed. I encourage people to go follow you.

BILA: (laughs) Thanks.

CLAY: I encourage people to go follow you, and Buck and I were actually talking a conversation when we were getting you booked, and he was pointing out initially, hey, you’ve got a young child. You’re a mom like so many of the people that are listening out there, and initially when covid happened your response was, “Okay, I’m gonna mask up; I’m gonna follow all of the rules.” When was the time for you where you started looking at the data yourself and saying, “Wait a minute, this is not adding up”? Do you remember a particular time or place when you started to question what you were being told by Fauci and the CDC and other, quote-unquote, “experts”?

BILA: You know, you’re right and Buck is right as well, that I did follow everything in the beginning. I had the 4-1/2-month-old baby, and we had no data. Not only did we have no data at that time, but as far as be we knew there were no treatments. Of course, now we have a lot of information on treatments, suppression was going on and all sorts of shenanigans.

But at the time it was like, “Stay home — and if you get really, really sick, go to the hospital,” which sounded terrible to me. So I was worried. It took me a few months, honestly. It really started when I saw that schools were very able to safely open and were being closed well beyond the point where it made in sense. Having been in classrooms through flu seasons and having seen just what’s possible, I was like, “Okay. This is a huge red flag. What is going on here?”

That was about, I would say, a few months in. It really started for me when we started getting data on natural immunity, when we started getting data on risk to children, when you started realizing that something was going on here that had nothing to do with science and had nothing to do with health and there was clearly a path forward toward controlling people, that they didn’t care about anything.

They didn’t care about data. They didn’t care about science. But they were trying to figure out, “How can we scare people long enough that we can control their health decisions, that we can really make big impacts on what they do with their own lives and with their own family?” So it did take me several months, but it started with kids because I objected in those classrooms, and I was like, “Wait a minute. What exactly is going on here?” Once you started seeing collusion between the CDC and the teachers unions, that really blew it up for me. It was well before the mandates came along.

BUCK: And, Jedidiah, you were a teacher for years, just so everyone knows. You know that world well.

BILA: That’s correct. I was in traditional classrooms for six years, grade seven through senior — through college, actually, now that I think back, some college seniors — and also in nontraditional settings with kids as young as 2. So these issues of masking I’ve been talking about this, and the reason my Twitter is so fired up is because I’ve had it.

CLAY: I love it.

BILA: You know, we are doing enormous damage to children. I mean, not just masks. Everyone’s focusing on the masks on the kids’ faces, which is horrific and looks like child abuse in many cases. But just having them being around adults that are masked all the time, we’re now seeing speech delays in kids, developmental issues, social disorders, anxiety disorders. Of course!

That’s the only world some of these kids know, walking around with zombified, paranoid adults that are masked all the time? So I’m not doing that. I’m getting my kid I’m not putting my kid in places where he’s gonna be surrounded by that. He is perfectly healthy. He was exposed to covid; he didn’t get so much of a sniffle. He was a healthy little boy. That was my paranoia at the time that I was imposing on him which, luckily, I got out of pretty quickly. But adults need to wake up and realize that some of the damage they’re doing to kids is gonna be long lasting way beyond covid — way, way, way beyond covid.

BUCK: Speaking to Jedediah Bila. She’s an author, commentator, and you can check out her Locals account to subscribe to her commentary. Jedediah, it seems to me that we keep now getting… We have a phenomenon happening in this country where the mandate does not work as we have been told it would, and the answer is more mandates. I’ve been worried that this is where we were heading all along.

You certainly see this with masking, where now they will only admit that masking is ineffective in order to get to us put N95 masks on people — including children now — despite the fact that Germany going over a year back started an N95 mandate. Only medical grade masks, only N95s allowed in Germany. It did absolutely nothing to reduce cases or prevent the spread of the virus. How do we break this cycle?

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of parents, ’cause this has been central to you and Karol Markowicz — two of the people I know best on the right — who have kids who are in school who are saying, “This is completely insane,” and I appreciate you use the term “child abuse.” I think there is a mass systemic child abuse that’s going on as a result of this. How do we break the cycle, though, of the only answer to failed mandates is more mandates?

BILA: That is not going to break in certain places — and truthfully, I don’t know how it’s gonna break because you realize the admissions that they would have to make at this point? You saw the CDC come out with that study verifying that in fact, natural immunity was better than vaccinated immunity for the Delta wave. That took some time. I wonder, you know, what happened there.

Maybe enough people, you know, pleased Big Pharma. They made enough money so, you know, they were able to come out and tell the truth. We all know natural immunity for a long time couldn’t be monetized, and that’s why they weren’t talking about it. It’s not new. Natural immunity is not a new concept. Talk to any physician, and they’ll tell you it’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. We know what this is.

So I don’t know because you would have to walk back massive destructions of businesses, massive destructions of cities, massive destruction to children — and then people would be looking and pointing blame where it’s due. So I don’t know how those politicians, those bureaucrats are gonna come in now and say, “Oh, by the way, we were wrong,” without people then voting them out of office and wanting them to pay consequences for what they’ve said and done.

What I think is happening here is you’re gonna see — I mean, we’re already seeing — a massive split in the country. There are places you go and it just looks normal. I was in Florida, and I was in Texas for a brief period of time in the last, you know, month and a half. You walk around there, and it looks normal. You go to New York City and people look zombified. They’re terrified, they’re masked, they’re afraid.

People won’t walk into the nail salon. They go, “Oh, my God! Is everybody vaccinated?” which doesn’t make sense because we know the vaccinated often get and spread the disease. So I think you will see a bigger split. I think some of these cities that have instituted these dystopian nightmares are going to have sink — and by “sink,” I don’t mean where they are now. I mean really, really sink where people have completely fled, where their budgets are a disaster, where people decide, “I’m not showing up to work anymore in these places; I’m gonna get up and get out.”

I don’t know, though, like, a Biden administration? You know, look what’s happened with all the mandates that he’s tried to institute. They’re not going anywhere; they haven’t gone anywhere. They’re declared unconstitutional; companies are walking them back. So honestly, I think there’s just gonna be, you know, in 2022 you’re gonna see a massive, you know, red wave. I think you’re gonna see Joe Biden having a huge problem if he does, in fact, decide to run for reelection.

And I think it’s gonna be come down to votes and people are just gonna say, “Enough.” And I’ll tell you what. You know, guys, oftentimes people will take a lot of garbage when it comes to themselves but not when it comes to their children, not when it comes it their grandkids, not when it comes to their nieces and nephews. So I think they went too far. Places like New York City, instituting a mandate on 5-year-olds can’t walk into a restaurant, can’t go to a birthday party if it’s in a public indoor space?

That was the moment that I think a lot of people — I think Karol Markowicz is in that group that they said, “I’m getting up and I’m getting out. I’m done!” I don’t see how they walk back policies that have damaged people’s children and their businesses, their livelihoods in such a way. I don’t think they ever get a pass for that.

CLAY: Jedediah, I’m curious. You went on The View, and we had you on right after you went on The View and they cut you off and like, “Oh, what you’re saying is scary and unsafe and this is embarrassing.” Has anyone at The View reached out to you —


CLAY: — now that the CDC essentially agrees with everything that you said on The View? And do you see, in your life, an awakening of other people to the data and what is actually transpiring — or is it causing those people, in your experience, to double down even more so on their inaccuracies rather than have to acknowledge that they were wrong?

BILA: So I’ve heard nothing from folks at The View, and what I was saying at the time, remember, was stuff that the CDC — some of it at least — had already acknowledged, that vaccinated people get and spread the disease. That’s why they had brought the masks in for vaccinated people again. I attested to natural immunity. I was basically left… You know, days later I had heard they had made a joke. “Oh, here’s sky-high immunity.”

Yeah? Well, guess what? It’s still high sky. It still hasn’t budged. I didn’t get sick again. I was right, and now the CDC — which, you know, the left loves, you know, regardless as to what they say — well, they came up and even they had to back it up because at some point they just look ridiculous. I will say this. Yes, I know a lot of people who got the vaccine, they followed everything.

They wore the masks, everything, and now they’re like, “You know what? I’m not getting the booster and no one’s gonna tell me to get the booster. I’m tired of being told what to do.” I have members of my family that have, you know, taken that stand. I know a lot of people who are liberal. Most of the people I know in New York City are liberal, and they’re tired. My concern, of course — and I have this conversation with many of them. I say, “Listen. You’re tired in New York City? That’s great. Listen, I’m willing to welcome anyone into the Freedom Club who wants to be in it. You know, delayed entry is still welcome.

CLAY: Amen.

BILA: However (chuckles), don’t you dare go to Florida or Texas — ’cause I’m gonna have one foot in both — and vote for this nonsense that is decaying New York City, because then you’re gonna have a problem with me,” because I’m tired of all this stuff, and I’m tired of it. Even liberals, they’re suddenly awakened and it’s like, “Wait a minute. This has gone too far. I don’t want to be told what to do at this level.”

And then they go and vote for stuff and you wind up with the same politicians in power in new places that are doing the same garbage that they were doing in these blue states that are sinking! So I do see an awakening. I have to say. I really do. I think people have started to pay attention to the data. I think also there’s a lot of people who got vaccinated, got a boosted and then got covid and they’re like, “Wait a minute. I have a sister-in-law who lost her job in a hospital because they were saying that she was unvaccinated and a risk.

“And here I am, you know, triple vaccinated, and I got my husband sick and I spread it around. So what’s really going on here?” And that is happening, I think, in a larger scale than people realize, and you’re going to see it. We’re gonna see it. It’s gonna come through in people’s votes. I’m telling you it’s gonna coming through, because people feel played. Nobody — liberal, conservative, I don’t care who you are.

You don’t like to feel played like that. You don’t like feeling like somebody… You don’t want to be puppeteered by anyone. So I have people all across the ideological spectrum that I’ve heard from, many of them parents, but some single that are like, “Wait a minute. I lost my job. I couldn’t work. I got vaccinated. You know, now I’m being told I have to get boosted, and I had covid after the vaccine? What is even going on?” And they have, you know, taken off their Fauci hats and they’ve put them aside and say, “Yeah, maybe I’m not so proud to be supporting this clown,” and I don’t use that word lightly, but I mean it.

CLAY: Jedediah, I got three kids. I’ve said publicly on the show, I’m not getting them the covid vaccine. I’m not anti-vax. My kids got the measles, mumps, rubella, all that stuff. You’ve got a young kid. If someone tried to make you give him the covid shot, your response as a mom would be what?

BILA: Absolutely not. Absolutely not, because I’m looking at the data! I’m looking at data. It doesn’t make sense. First of all, Hartley was the exposed to covid, as I said. In fact, he was exposed a number of times. You know how this works. You get a call from someone who suddenly has covid and you were around them the week earlier. He’s never had an issue. Never. He was in a one-bedroom apartment, 4-1/2 year old with me and my husband. We both had it.

I was symptomatic for a little over a week at least. My husband was symptomatic for a few days. He was laughing. At the time, I was wearing masks in the apartment like an idiot, by the way, because, you know, that’s what some of the experts in quotes were telling me, “Wear a mask. But not when you’re in the other room to sleep, just when…” I mean, the absurdity of the things that we listened to just in a state of fear is unbelievable.

That’s why I understand that head because I had that head, and now that I have a little distance, I’m embarrassed by some of the things that I did, even staying home from work so long. Just so stupid. But, you know, you gotta come back to reality when you come to it. But the bottom line is, people are awake in ways that they’ve never been. And not only that, there’s a lot of questions about Big Pharma now.

There’s a lot of questions about, “What is this one-size-fits-all? Why are you treating my 2-year-old — who is not at risk for anything when it comes to covid, he was exposed already — the same as someone who hasn’t been exposed and is 80 years old with four comorbidities? Why are they in the same group of people when it comes to an idiotic mandate out of a city that’s being run into the ground like New York City?”

BUCK: Jedediah, I don’t want to get in the way of the fired-up mama bear right, but we gotta leave it there this time. We’ll have you back again soon to talk about this. Great stuff, though. Check out her Locals account. Jedediah, where do people go for that?

BILA: Yeah. for uncensored content if you’re worried about Big Brother Twitter looking over your shoulder all the time.

BUCK: Jedediah, thanks so much. Thank you.

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