The View Libs Smear Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett

CLAY: Buck, can you think of a dumber show — I mean, that is an ensemble cast, right? Obviously Joy Reid by herself is…

BUCK: Some is political show, right, ’cause there’s probably a game show we could point to that you can point to.

CLAY: But a game show you’re not trying to influence American policy.

BUCK: Political show. The dumbest political show.

CLAY: One that is theoretically based on appealing to the intelligence or at least the ability is to have a discussing surrounding cultural issues of the day, politics and everything else. The View — I believe this is today — is it today or yesterday? I don’t know. It all sounds the same. But they went out and said, Buck — this is earlier today — they argued that Amy Coney Barrett is a disgrace to her sex and that Clarence Thomas is a disgrace to his race. This is crazy. Listen to this.

HAINES: Considering the uneven kind of court we have right now, it’s so important that this is happening in a time where we can get another liberal and of course, the representation more than anything. You pointed out first black woman, there’s only been two black men. Those numbers are a little shocking.

HOSTIN: And one doesn’t really represent the black community.

BEHAR: You know, you can make the case that somebody like Amy Coney Barrett was put in there because she’s a white woman who they say, “Well, she will go against abortion rights and she’s a woman.” So that was deliberate, I think. Clarence Thomas — a black man, a justice. Okay, I’ll give it to him he’s a smart guy. But he is to the right of Attila the Hun, this guy. And they put him in there thinking, “Oh, a black man will go against voting rights,” which is what he’s done!

HOSTIN: It’s terribly disrespectful to appoint someone like Clarence Thomas with his philosophies to the seat of Thurgood Marshall.

BUCK: Oh, okay. There’s so much wrong, Clay, that I’m wondering how… First of all, it is demeaning and absurd to think that a person’s gender or skin color should determine their politic. Now, we know the left is obsessed with this. They’re wrong.

CLAY: It’s racist and sexist, Buck.

BUCK: They are being evil commies when they put forward this idea. They are wrong. They’re immoral. It’s grossly. So start with that. Also, this notion that Supreme Court seats belong to a previous justice is just idiotic. That doesn’t exist. That’s not a thing. The same way that we don’t have a, “Oh, Merrick Garland stolen seat!” Remember when they tried that? He was never even on the Supreme Court. So he does not have a seat. That’s a fantasy the libs concocted.

CLAY: But it is where we are as a society. We have gotten to the point where people like that on The View who represent, what I would say, is a far-left-wing perspective, think about what exactly they are saying. They are saying you should be able to judge what someone believes entirely by looking at them before they speak. This is the full fruition of identity politics, Buck.

It’s idea that you are a woman’ you have to believe in full-on abortion rights, or you are a traitor to all women. You are a black man’ you have to have left-wing political opinions or you are a traitor to other black people. I mean, this is… This is next level thought policing that they say out loud and can be to be a virtuous argument that they are making.

BUCK: I mean, just all of the conservative moms across America listening to this show right now are just like, “The libs are completely insane on this one.” They seem to think that unwed single women in their twenties, their politics are the only politics that women are allowed to have. It’s absurd. It’s crazy. That’s what the libs on The View think. It’s completely insane.

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