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Pags Interviews Rep. Matt Gaetz on Allegations, Ukraine, and Tax Policies

In a recent interview on "The Joe Pags Show," Representative Matt Gaetz engaged in a wide-ranging discussion that touched on pressing political issues and personal controversies. Gaetz, known for his outspoken views, addressed allegations against him head-on, criticizing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and voicing his opinions on what he perceives as the unfair treatment of himself, former President Trump, and other conservative figures.

Gaetz also delved into international politics, expressing concerns about being placed on Ukraine's "enemies list" and providing insights on identifying the true orchestrators behind it. When Pags asked why the US appears to prioritize Ukraine over domestic issues, Gaetz shared his perspective, highlighting the need for a more America-first approach.

The conversation took a turn towards immigration as Gaetz condemned President Biden's policy to grant citizenship to 500,000 illegal immigrants. He explained potential congressional actions to halt this policy, emphasizing that illegal immigrants should be deported rather than given a path to citizenship. Pags inquired about the logistics of such deportations, and Gaetz offered his viewpoint on implementing this strategy effectively.

In a detailed discussion on tax policies, Gaetz advocated for a no-tax policy on tips, explaining the gaps in the current tax system and where reforms are needed. He stressed the importance of fair taxation and supporting service industry workers by eliminating taxes on their tips.

The interview also covered potential candidates for Trump's vice-presidential pick, with Gaetz sharing his thoughts on the possible selections and their implications for the future of the Republican Party.

To hear Rep. Matt Gaetz's full interview with Joe Pags, click the link below.

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